Latto, previously known as Mulatto, is a fast-rising star in the rap industry, gaining recognition for hit songs like “Big Energy” and “In n Out.” The 23-year-old artist recently found herself entangled in a feud with Nicki Minaj, one of her major influences.

The dispute ignited when Minaj voiced her displeasure after her song “Super Freaky Girl” was moved from the rap to the pop category for the 2023 Grammy Awards. She argued that Latto’s track “Big Energy” should similarly be considered pop, not rap. In response, Latto expressed her respect for Minaj’s legacy but disagreed with her viewpoint.

Tensions heightened when Minaj labeled Latto a “Karen” and a “scratch-off” for not supporting her, even bringing Latto’s parents into the discussion by sharing screenshots of their purported age gap. Latto retaliated, referring to Minaj as a “bully” and a “super freaky grandma.”

Now, questions arise about Latto’s parents and their ages. Let’s delve into what we know.

Latto’s Mom: Misti Pitts

Latto’s mother is Misti Pitts, an American woman of Caucasian descent, who became a mother at the age of 16. As per Famous Birthdays, Pitts is presently 39 years old, making her younger than Minaj, who is also 39.

Latto was raised by Misti Pitts and her husband, Shayne Stephens, an African American man who is a drag racer. Latto has shared that her upbringing involved exposure to the world of cars, with Shayne teaching her to drive from a young age. She has opened up about experiencing bullying in school due to being biracial and light-skinned.

Despite her father’s initial wish for Latto to pursue a career as a junior drag driver, Misti Pitts has been supportive of her daughter’s rap career. Pitts frequently makes appearances on Latto’s Instagram, showcasing their strong and affectionate bond.

Latto’s Dad: Shayne Stephens

Latto’s father is Shayne Stephens, an African American man and a drag racer. While his exact age is not disclosed, the screenshots posted by Minaj suggest that he is more than 19 years older than Misti Pitts. This implies that he may be in his 60s.

With a family background deeply rooted in drag racing, Stephens initially hoped that Latto would follow in his footsteps. However, he respected her decision to pursue a career in rap. Drawing on his experience, Stephens provided guidance to Latto about the advantages and challenges of the rap industry.

Proud of Latto’s accomplishments, Stephens regularly showcases her music and videos on his Facebook page.

Why Does Latto Mom Age Matter?

The discussion around Latto’s mom’s age arose when Minaj used it as a means to insult the rapper. Minaj insinuated that Latto’s parents had an inappropriate relationship and suggested that Latto should not challenge her elders.

Despite the attack, Latto remained steadfast and defended her parents. She highlighted Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, being a convicted sex offender, and Minaj facing a lawsuit from his accuser.

While Latto’s mom’s age may not directly relate to her rap skills, it is a part of her identity and narrative. Latto has embraced her biracial heritage, incorporating it into her music for inspiration. Notably, she changed her stage name from Mulatto, a term seen as derogatory for mixed-race individuals, to Latto, a more positive and empowering choice.

The controversy around Latto’s mom’s age demonstrates Latto’s resilience and willingness to stand up for herself and her family. As a young and talented rapper, she continues to forge a promising future in the industry.