Jamie Lissow, a comedian and actor renowned for his appearances on shows like The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, Last Comic Standing, and Gutfeld!, is also recognized for co-creating and co-starring in the Netflix original series Real Rob alongside Rob Schneider. However, let’s delve into his personal life. Who is Jamie Lissow’s wife, and what led to their divorce? Uncover the details below.

Jamie Lissow’s Ex-Wife: Jessica Lissow

Jamie Lissow was in a nearly 12-year marriage with Jessica Lissow, with whom he shares two sons and a daughter. However, the couple decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce in late 2021. The specific reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, as neither Jamie nor Jessica has publicly addressed the matter. Although Jamie’s friend MJ made a joking reference to the divorce on Twitter, Jamie himself has refrained from posting any pictures of his ex-wife on social media.

Following the divorce, Jessica Lissow pursued a career shift, transitioning from teaching to working as a real estate agent in Alaska, where she resides with her children. Additionally, she manages a blog titled “Jessica’s Alaska,” where she imparts insights and advice on life in the northern state. Describing herself as “a mom, a teacher, a realtor, a writer, a traveler, and an adventurer,” Jessica continues to share her experiences with her audience.

Jamie Lissow’s Children: Talented and Smart

Jamie Lissow and Jessica Lissow share the joy of being parents to three talented and intelligent children. Their daughter exhibits a passion for fashion design and aerobatics, as highlighted on Jamie’s Instagram. The eldest son actively participates in school soccer, showcasing his athletic prowess, while the youngest son celebrated his seventh birthday in February 2022.

Expressing his pride and affection, Jamie frequently shares glimpses of his children’s lives on his social media platforms. Despite the demands of his career as a comedian and actor, he prioritizes spending quality time with his kids whenever possible. Jamie has mentioned that his children play the dual role of being his staunchest supporters and candid critics.

Jamie Lissow’s Comedy Career: Inspired by His Father

Jamie Lissow embarked on his comedy journey by enrolling in a class at the Buffalo Funny Bone while attending summer school at Buffalo State. During this period, he would skip classes to frequent comedy clubs like the Comix Café and the Funny Bone, eventually making his stand-up comedy debut. Interestingly, he learned about the Funny Bone class after failing a course due to his commitment to comedy.

Attributing his comedic influences to his father, Jamie mentioned that his dad possessed a collection of old Bill Cosby tapes, serving as his initial exposure to the world of comedy. Reflecting on those early years, Jamie recalled, “I grew up at a time when, maybe in the sixth grade or so, you could sneak (watch) some HBO when they had the Young Comedian specials.”

Subsequently, Jamie has taken his comedic talents to various shows and venues across the nation. Additionally, he has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio shows. Currently, he serves as a weekly guest on Fox’s Gutfeld!, where he showcases his sharp, witty, and sarcastic humor.

Jamie Lissow’s Net Worth: Estimated at $1 Million

Jamie Lissow has accumulated a substantial income from his endeavors in comedy and acting. According to Showbizcorner, his net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2023. Additionally, Jamie co-created and co-produced the Netflix original series Real Rob, which spans two seasons. The show provides an inside look into the everyday lives of Rob Schneider and his wife Patricia, with Jamie portraying the role of Rob’s assistant.

Reflecting on his involvement in Real Rob, Jamie expressed that it was an extraordinary experience. He highlighted the excellent chemistry between himself and Rob, emphasizing that many of their scenes involved improvisation. Jamie recounted, “People behind the camera were crying trying not to laugh. We stopped, and they applauded. Rob turned to me and said, ‘Dude, I feel like we’re a comedy team.’ It was amazing.”


Jamie Lissow, a prominent comedian and actor, has carved out a successful niche in the entertainment industry. Despite his accomplishments, he has experienced a significant personal change, as he is no longer married to Jessica Lissow, his spouse of almost 12 years. The details surrounding their divorce remain undisclosed, but they appear to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their three children.

Jamie remains dedicated to his comedic and acting pursuits, regularly making appearances on various shows and platforms. Notably, he co-created and co-stars in the Netflix original series Real Rob alongside Rob Schneider. Today, Jamie Lissow stands as one of America’s most beloved comedians.