Hudson Mcleroy, a well-known Instagram personality boasting over 45,000 followers, has gained popularity for his fashionable photos, inventive designs, and his friendship with rapper MattyB. This article delves into the family background of Hudson Mcleroy, examining the influence of his parents on his life and uncovering the journey that led him to become a social media sensation.

Hudson Mcleroy’s Mother: Carol McLeroy

Hudson Mcleroy’s mother is Carol McLeroy, serving as the co-owner of the family fast-food chain Zaxby’s. Zaxby’s specializes in chicken fingers, wings, salads, and sandwiches and was established in 1990 by Carol’s husband, Zach McLeroy, who is Hudson’s stepfather. As reported by CelebsAges, Zach ventured into the restaurant industry after gaining experience in fast food. Presently, there are over 900 Zaxby’s locations across the United States.

In addition to Hudson, Carol McLeroy is the mother of Parker Lipman, Hudson’s half-brother and another Instagram personality. Parker gained recognition on the MTV reality show Buckhead Shore, which chronicled the lives of him and his friends spending summers at the family’s lake house in Georgia. Distractify notes that Parker’s father is William “Bill” Lipman, who is Carol’s ex-husband. The timeline of Carol’s divorce from Bill and subsequent marriage to Zach is not explicitly detailed.

Hudson Mcleroy’s Father: Unknown

The identity of Hudson Mcleroy’s father remains undisclosed to the public. As the initial offspring of Carol and Zach’s union, Hudson has not shared any photos or made references to his father on his social media platforms. It is conceivable that he opts to maintain his father’s identity in confidentiality, or alternatively, he may not share a close relationship with him.

Hudson Mcleroy’s Siblings: Parker Lipman and Sterling McLeroy

Hudson Mcleroy is part of a trio of siblings, including Parker Lipman and Sterling McLeroy. Parker, his older half-brother from his mother’s previous marriage, is a prominent Instagram influencer with a following exceeding 30,000. Known for his association with rapper MattyB, Parker notably attended high school homecoming with Ariana Zolciak, the daughter of reality star Kim Zolciak. Prior to his appearance on Buckhead Shore, Parker featured on the reality show Chrisley Knows Best, as highlighted by Reality Titbit.

Sterling McLeroy, Hudson’s younger sister from his mother’s current marriage, is active on Instagram with over 10,000 followers. On her platform, she shares glimpses of her family, friends, fashion, and travels. Additionally, Sterling manages a YouTube channel where she uploads vlogs, challenges, and makeup tutorials.

Hudson Mcleroy’s Career: Instagram Star and Designer

Hudson Mcleroy embarked on his journey as an Instagram star and designer during his teenage years. Initiated by sharing photos of his outfits, accessories, and lifestyle, he demonstrated his design skills by crafting logos, graphics, and merchandise for various brands and celebrities. Among his clientele are friends and fellow cast members from Buckhead Shore, including MattyB, Justin Bradford, JuJu Barney, and DJ Simmons.

Hudson Mcleroy’s Instagram presence has garnered substantial attention and admiration, with fans and followers praising his style, creativity, and personality through positive comments and compliments. Additionally, he has engaged in collaborations with other influencers, attending events and parties, showcasing his Instagram account as a reflection of his passion, talent, and successful endeavors.


Hudson Mcleroy, a youthful and gifted Instagram sensation and designer, commands a substantial and devoted fan following. Hailing from a prosperous and influential family, he is affiliated with the ownership of the Zaxby’s restaurant chain. His parents, Carol and Zach McLeroy, serve as his mother and stepfather, and he shares this familial backdrop with two siblings, Parker Lipman and Sterling McLeroy, who are also prominent figures on Instagram. The combination of Hudson Mcleroy’s family legacy and flourishing career serves as both impressive and inspirational.