Gena Tew, recognized as a model, social media sensation, and prominent TikTok content creator, has risen to prominence through captivating videos and photos. Her rumored connections with various celebrities, including Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, Dave East, and others, have also sparked considerable interest. Below is a concise overview of some of the notable figures she has been linked with throughout her journey.

Nick Cannon

At the top of Gena Tew’s list of associates was Nick Cannon. In 2015, Gena Tew shared a video featuring herself and Nick Cannon, prompting speculation about a potential romantic involvement. However, neither party confirmed nor refuted the rumors. Nick Cannon, a versatile figure known for his roles as a rapper, actor, comedian, and TV host, has gained recognition through shows like Wild ‘N Out and The Masked Singer. Notably, he was previously married to Mariah Carey and is a father to seven children from various relationships.

Chris Brown

Another notable celebrity connected to Gena Tew is Chris Brown. As reported by Gossip Next Door, Gena Tew posted a screenshot in 2017 showing Chris Brown sharing her picture on his Instagram. Accompanying the post was the caption “He loves me.” Chris Brown, recognized for his talents as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, has garnered numerous awards for his musical achievements. Additionally, his personal life has been marked by controversy, notably including the 2009 assault on Rihanna.

Dave East

Dave East, a rapper and actor, was also speculated to be among Gena Tew’s partners. As reported by Celebs Couples, in 2018, Gena Tew shared a video featuring herself with Dave East, depicting intimate moments of cuddling and kissing. Dave East is affiliated with Nas’ label, Mass Appeal Records, and has collaborated with notable artists such as ASAP Ferg, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross. Beyond his music career, he has made appearances in films and TV shows, including Beats, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and The Breaks.

Other Celebrities

In addition to her connections with Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Dave East, Gena Tew has been spotted alongside various other celebrities, including Trey Songz, Davido, Jeffree Star, Diplo, and Chief Keef. Nevertheless, the nature of her relationship with these individuals remains uncertain, as it is unclear whether they shared a romantic involvement or were simply friends. Gena Tew has not publicly affirmed or refuted any romantic associations with celebrities, although she has shared photos and videos featuring herself alongside several well-known personalities on her social media platforms.


Gena Tew, a prominent figure on social media with millions of followers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, has gained recognition not only for her content but also for rumored connections with celebrities like Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Dave East. Despite her widespread fame, she has maintained privacy regarding her personal life and dating status. Recently, she has faced criticism and backlash following her disclosure of contracting HIV in 2022.