Danya Mohammed, also recognized as Diva Dee, stands out as one of the prominent figures on the Netflix reality series Dubai Bling. This show provides a glimpse into the opulent lives of ten affluent and glamorous individuals residing in the UAE. Beyond her role on the show, Danya is a vlogger, entrepreneur, and influential presence on social media. Notably, she is married to the renowned DJ Bliss. Curious about her age and net worth? Here are key details about Danya Mohammed that you should be aware of.

Danya Mohammed’s Birthday and Early Life

Born on March 31, 1983, in Russia, as documented by Nextau, Danya Mohammed has British roots, although she has chosen to keep details about her family background private. Making a move to Dubai during her early years, she spent her upbringing in the dynamic city. Danya enrolled in The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program, completing her education and achieving her master’s degree in Project Management in January 2017. Presently, she is actively working towards a Ph.D. in the same field, continuing her academic journey.

Danya Mohammed’s Career and Businesses

Danya Mohammed stands out as a dynamic and ambitious individual with diverse streams of income. Her entrepreneurial ventures include the management of several businesses such as BYD, a streetwear cap line, and The Bicnic, an event organizing company.

Displaying a forward-looking mindset, she is actively involved in opening a coffee shop and exploring investments in the realms of apparel, skincare, and technology. In an interview with Lifeatdubai, Danya shared that her inspiration stems from her curiosity, and she often conceptualizes unique and profitable business ideas.

Beyond her roles in business, Danya Mohammed is a well-known vlogger and social media influencer, recognized by the moniker Diva Dee. Her YouTube channel boasts over 100,000 subscribers, featuring videos on makeup, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

Complementing her YouTube presence, she maintains an Instagram account with a follower count exceeding 300,000, where she showcases glamorous photos and promotes various brands. Danya has collaborated with Bambini Fashions, Mahallati Jewellery, Gucci, Gaffe Studios, and others through model endorsements.

Danya Mohammed’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

As of 2023, Danya Mohammed’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million, as reported by Lifeatdubai. Her income streams include revenue from her YouTube channel, social media platforms, and various businesses. Additionally, she benefits from her marriage to DJ Bliss, a prosperous producer, entrepreneur, and radio host, whose net worth is valued at around $5 million, as per The Wall Street Weekly.

Living in opulence, Danya Mohammed, alongside her husband and their two children, Meera and Zayed, resides in a spacious and chic villa in Dubai. The couple frequently hosts parties and events in their luxurious abode. Embracing a jet-setting lifestyle, they embark on frequent travels to exotic destinations, indulging in life’s finer pleasures. Actively participating in Dubai’s elite social circle, they engage with fellow celebrities and influencers within the vibrant community.

Danya Mohammed’s Dubai Bling Appearance

Danya Mohammed, featured as one of the cast members on Dubai Bling, a reality show that made its debut on Netflix on October 27, 2023. This captivating series delves into the extravagant lives of 10 affluent Arabs residing in Dubai, showcasing their opulence, fashion, and interpersonal drama. In the show, Danya Mohammed takes the spotlight as the wife of DJ Bliss, a central figure in the cast.

Portrayed as a vivacious, self-assured, and supportive partner, she skillfully navigates the complexities of balancing her career, family, and social engagements. The series unfolds with her encountering challenges and conflicts with other cast members, including notable figures like Safa Siddiqui and Farhana Bodi, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the Dubai scene.

Danya Mohammed emerges as one of the most captivating and influential personalities on Dubai Bling. With viewers keen on uncovering details about her age, net worth, and lifestyle, she offers a compelling narrative. Serving as a role model, particularly for women aspiring to carve their paths to success and happiness, she proudly represents the cultural diversity of Dubai as a dedicated Emirati.