Thindigua is situated in the eastern part of Kasarani and the northern part of Ridgeways, making it a suburban neighborhood.

This post about Thindigua will walk you through everything you need to know about this area, so keep reading. 

Postal Code for Thindigua:

The postal code for Thindigua is 00900.

The Climate in Thindigua:

Thindigua experiences a warm and temperate climate, with occasional rainfall, even during the dry months. The highest temperatures typically occur in January, February, and March, ranging between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius.

The coldest months in Thindigua are May, June, and July, with temperatures dropping as low as 23 degrees Celsius. These months also see some rainy days, with an average of 3 days of precipitation per month.

January is the driest month in Thindigua, with a maximum of two rainy days. The period between August and December is generally comfortable, with moderate temperatures and an average of 5 precipitation days.

Location of Thindigua in Nairobi:

Thindigua is located northwest of Nairobi, approximately 10 kilometers from the city center.

Transportation to Thindigua from Nairobi:

Three main transportation options to reach Thindigua from Nairobi are public transport, taxi, or private driving. The bus stop for the Nairobi-Thindigua route is located at Equity Bank Ngara, with an approximate travel time of 27 minutes. 

Taxis and personal drives typically take around 12 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. However, transportation costs may vary depending on the time and mode of transport.

About Thindigua: Types of Houses in Thindigua:

Thindigua offers diverse housing options, including:

1. Apartments: Thindigua has several apartment complexes, providing multiple units within the same building. These apartments typically feature different layouts and sizes, catering to various household needs.

2. Maisonettes: Thindigua also has maisonettes, which are two-story houses with separate entrances for each floor. These houses often offer more space and privacy compared to apartments.

3. Bungalows: Bungalows are single-story houses commonly found in Thindigua. They provide a convenient living arrangement with all rooms on the same level.

4. Townhouses: Thindigua features townhouses, which are multi-level houses connected in a row. These homes offer a balance of privacy and community living.

5. Gated Communities: Thindigua is home to gated communities that provide increased security and amenities such as shared recreational spaces, playgrounds, and gardens.

6. Standalone Houses: In Thindigua, you can find standalone houses with independent properties, often with their own compound and garden space.

These different types of houses cater to various preferences and lifestyles, providing residents with a wide range of choices in size, style, and amenities.

Various housing options are available in Thindigua, including residences within gated communities and standalone houses. Gated communities have gained popularity due to their exceptional security features and attractive amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and children’s play areas.

On the other hand, standalone homes offer distinct benefits such as enhanced privacy, heightened security, and the luxury of personal backyards. Additionally, contemporary homes have become sought-after in the real estate industry, particularly among discerning buyers seeking elegance and luxury.

Average Prices and Rent for Houses in Thindigua

A 4-bedroom townhouse in Thindigua ranges between Ksh. Twenty million and Ksh. 30 million, with rental rates averaging Ksh. 80,000 and Ksh. 100,000 per month. However, it’s important to note that prices may vary based on location, amenities, and the real estate agency involved.

Diverse House Sizes in Thindigua

Thindigua offers a variety of house sizes, ranging from contemporary studios/bedsitters to spacious 5-bedroom homes and beyond. Studios are predominantly found in apartment buildings, while larger units can be located in apartments, gated communities, or standalone houses. Standalone houses in the area can be either single or double-story structures.

Security Measures in Thindigua

Thindigua is a secure residential area with a well-equipped police post. Gated communities also employ highly trained security personnel from reputable firms to ensure residents’ safety. Also, houses are equipped with surveillance cameras and security alarms that promptly alert homeowners in case of any security breach.

Moreover, the neighborhood boasts ample street lighting and regular police patrols, which deter potential criminals. Thindigua records significantly lower crime rates than most other neighborhoods within the Nairobi metropolitan area.

Water Sources for Thindigua Residents

Thindigua residents have access to various water sources, including

  • Kiambu WSC  
  • Minja-Nyakabugi water project
  • Athi Waterworks Agency
  • NWSC 
  • Private boreholes

These sources ensure a reliable water supply for the community, catering to the diverse needs of Thindigua residents.

Additionally, reputable water providers provide households with bottled water. Other homeowners have decided to collect rainwater for usage in their homes.

How Reliable Is the Water Supply in Thindigua?

Unlike most of Nairobi’s residential districts, Thindigua has numerous water sources. However, during Nairobi’s water restriction, communities served by the NWS experience water shortages.

Electricity Supply in Thindigua

The primary electricity provider in Thindigua is the renowned Kenya Power Company, ensuring a reliable power supply to the residents.

Frequency of Power Outages in Thindigua

Thindigua experiences minimal power outages, except during scheduled maintenance activities conducted by the Kenya Power company. These maintenance periods are communicated in advance through various channels to minimize inconveniences.

Educational Institutions in Thindigua

Thindigua offers convenient access to various educational institutions for its residents. Some of the schools available in the vicinity include:

Kindergarten Schools in Thindigua:

  • Johari School
  • Brainston Kindergarten
  • Little Flock Kindergarten
  • Eban Rock Kindergarten
  • Laureate School
  • Thindigua Primary School

Primary Schools in Thindigua:

  • Thindigua Primary School
  • Akima Springs Junior School
  • Chelsea Primary School
  • Johari School
  • Laureate Primary School

Hospitals Located in Thindigua:

Private Hospitals:

  • Radiant Hospital – CBD Kiambu
  • Marcylite Hospital
  • Dr. Ngatia Clinic
  • Oasis Health Service Kiambu Road
  • St. Mary’s Mother of Child Medical Service
  • Angelic Hospital
  • Caremax Hospital

Public Hospitals:

  • Kiambu Sub-County Level 5 Hospital
  • Kiambu County Referral Hospital
  • St. Teresa Hospital Kiambu
  • Gathaga Health Centre
  • Machatha Health Centre

Missionary Hospitals:

  • Missionaries of Charity Fathers
  • St. Bridget Hospital

Gyms in Thindigua:

  • Kigwa Conference Hotel Gym
  • Morning Star Court Fitness Center
  • Tarimas Beauty Parlor
  • First Fitness Professional Gym
  • BTL Gym

Spas in Thindigua:

  • Lincy’s Spa
  • Kiambu Massage Girl
  • Cultured Hands and Dreadlocks
  • Renewed Beauty and Spa
  • Haven Nest Parlor
  • 3S Salon, Barber, and Spa
  • Bliss Spa
  • Infinity Nail Spa

Chemists and Pharmacies in Thindigua:

  • Sako Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmacy Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Pharmaplus Pharmacy Thindigua
  • Seven Greenwood Pharmacy
  • Bemwa Chemist

Garages in Thindigua:

  • MPG Limited
  • Delta Fuel Station and Garage
  • Braetech Autocare Limited
  • Autohex Motors
  • Mutesh Auto
  • Express Garage

Car Wash Joints in Thindigua:

  • Kwik Kleen Car Spa
  • Woody Garden Car Wash
  • Ultimate Car Wash
  • Wawa Sparkle
  • Tapout Car Wash
  • Sparkle Car Wash
  • Shakas Auto Spa

Internet and Office Network Providers in Thindigua:

  • SteadyNet Technologies
  • Rapid Speed Network
  • Carrix Media Group
  • CheetahNet Solution Limited

Thindigua is a self-sustained neighborhood that offers various amenities and recreational spots, including restaurants, clubs, and other points of interest.