Ashley Cruger is a multifaceted individual, recognized as a media personality, model, and accomplished sales and marketing executive. Since 2022, she has been romantically involved with actor and model Taylor Kinney. However, questions linger regarding her age and background.

Ashley Cruger’s Age and Birthday

As per Healthy Celeb¹, Ashley Cruger’s age is recorded as 26 years old as of April 2022, although her precise date of birth remains undisclosed to the public. Raised in the United States of America, she has kept certain details of her personal life private.

Ashley Cruger’s Job and Career

Ashley Cruger is affiliated with BMG Models, where she holds a modeling portfolio listed under women’s lifestyle models in Chicago². Additionally, she serves as a sales and marketing specialist at El Bandido Yankee Tequila Company, a role she has held since July 2021¹. Prior to this, her professional endeavors included a position as a business development manager at Eagle Six Properties and serving as a liaison between General Motors and its dealers².

Ashley Cruger’s Relationship with Taylor Kinney

Ashley Cruger and Taylor Kinney officially confirmed their relationship by attending Operation Smile’s 10th Annual Celebrity Ski and Smile Challenge together in Park City, Utah, in April 2022¹. Their affectionate display included sharing kisses on the red carpet and delighting in the festivities of the event. Reports indicate that the couple commenced their romantic journey in March of the same year².

Taylor Kinney, an American actor and model renowned for his roles in notable productions such as The Vampire Diaries, Zero Dark Thirty, The Other Woman, as well as the Chicago franchise series including Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med. Previously engaged to singer and songwriter Lady Gaga from 2011 to 2016¹.

The bond between Ashley Cruger and Taylor Kinney appears to be flourishing, evident in their shared experiences and joyful moments captured together. Notable instances include a leisurely nighttime bike ride in April 2022 and attending MotoGP Austin in Texas in May 2022.