Popularmmos, the alias of Patrick Julianelle, emerged as a renowned gamer on YouTube in 2012, gaining fame through Minecraft content and amassing over 17 million subscribers. Collaborating with his ex-wife, Jennifer Flagg (GamingWithJen), they co-authored children’s books and fostered a loyal fan base.

However, 2019 marked a downturn for popularmmos when Pat and Jen disclosed their divorce, citing differences in family planning. Despite briefly continuing joint videos, they eventually ceased collaboration. In 2021, Jen withdrew from social media, and Pat embarked on a new relationship with Elizabeth Heranek, known as Liz.

Pat’s YouTube channel witnessed a decline in views and popularity amid Minecraft’s saturation and increased competition. Controversies arose around his personal life and content. In 2021, Pat and Liz faced legal issues, accused of domestic battery after a home altercation. Pat refuted the charges, attributing them to harassment from ex-girlfriend Eleni.

November 2022 brought another setback as Pat was arrested for attempting to enter the field during a Jacksonville Jaguars football game. Charged with breach of peace and criminal conspiracy, he spent two days in jail. His final Instagram post in early 2022 expressed gratitude for Liz.

Since then, Pat vanished from social media and YouTube, leaving fans curious about his fate and potential return. Some anticipate a comeback for redemption, while others have moved on to alternative channels. Once a YouTube sensation, Popularmmos now casts a shadow of his former self, eliciting a mix of hope and disillusionment among his erstwhile devoted audience.