Nancy Oar, recognized for her role on the History Channel’s Mountain Men alongside her husband Tom Oar, is a prominent personality in reality television. The show captures the experiences of individuals residing in secluded regions of the United States, relying on traditional skills and methods for survival.

For more than four decades, Nancy and Tom have made their home in the Yaak Valley of Montana, engaging in activities such as trapping, tanning, and crafting clothing from animal hides. Delve into the details of Nancy Oar’s age and biography with the following facts.

Nancy Oar’s Early Life and Marriage

Born in 1949, Nancy Oar is reported to be 74 years old in 2023. She is five years younger than her husband Tom, who was born in 1943. Originally from northern Illinois, Nancy’s early work involved packing boxes for North American Van Lines. Her path crossed with Tom’s when he was a rodeo rider traveling across the country.

They tied the knot in the early 1970s and embarked on the journey to Montana, where they decided to construct a log house. According to, they purchased a chainsaw in Illinois for their construction endeavors.

Nancy Oar’s Life in Montana

Nancy and Tom established their home in the secluded reaches of Montana’s Yaak Valley, leading a lifestyle devoid of electricity or running water for the initial 17 years. Subsequently, they transitioned to a more expansive log house that incorporated electricity, yet their existence continued to be marked by the demanding trials of living in the wilderness.

Navigating challenges such as hunting, fishing, and cultivating their sustenance, they coped with the constant presence of predators, harsh weather conditions, and isolation. Additionally, the couple acquired the skills to tan animal hides, crafting clothing and footwear from them, ultimately becoming their primary source of income.

Nancy Oar’s Appearance on Mountain Men

A film company representative, acquainted with a friend of Nancy and Tom Oar, who ran an outfitting company in Troy, Montana, discovered the couple. Intrigued by their story, the History Channel expressed interest and extended an invitation for them to join the cast of the show Mountain Men, which debuted in 2012.

Nancy actively participated in the series alongside her husband, a central figure in the main cast. The program chronicled the couple’s day-to-day challenges and triumphs as they pursued a life off the grid. In addition to supporting Tom in trapping and tanning endeavors, Nancy also took on responsibilities like cooking and cleaning.

Nancy Oar’s Current Status

Following the conclusion of the seventh season in 2018, Nancy and Tom departed from the show Mountain Men. Opting for retirement, they made a significant life change by relocating to Florida, where their son Chad resides with his partner Kim. Chad is Tom’s son from a previous relationship with Jan Frazer, who also shared a daughter named Keelie with him.

Unfortunately, Keelie passed away in 2015 at the age of 49. Currently, Nancy and Tom revel in a more leisurely and comfortable lifestyle in Florida. While they occasionally make appearances on the show, they also make periodic visits to Montana to oversee their property and connect with friends.


Nancy Oar, an extraordinary woman, has shared an adventurous and demanding life alongside her husband Tom in the wilds of Montana. As of 2023, Nancy is 74 years old, while Tom is 79. Their enduring marriage of over 45 years has brought them a son. The couple captivated audiences for six years on the show Mountain Men, retiring from the spotlight as they embraced a new chapter in Florida. Remaining active and content, Nancy and Tom continue to serve as an inspiration to many, showcasing remarkable courage and resilience.