Michael and Ashley Cordray, a married couple, have gained recognition for their expertise in home renovation and restoration through their business, Save 1900, and their reality TV show, Restoring Galveston.

The show, featured on the Magnolia Network, chronicles the Cordrays’ journey as they renovate historic homes in Galveston, Texas, turning them into contemporary and inviting residences. As of 2023, details about the earnings from their TV show and business, as well as their current net worth, remain to be confirmed.

Save 1900: The Cordrays’ Home Renovation and Restoration Business

In 2016, Michael and Ashley Cordray ventured into the realm of home renovation and restoration with the establishment of Save 1900. This initiative followed their departure from corporate jobs as they pursued their shared passion for preserving historic homes. The name “Save 1900” pays homage to the 1900 Galveston hurricane, a catastrophic natural disaster that claimed numerous homes in the region, reflecting the Cordrays’ commitment to rescuing these structures from decay and restoring their original allure.

Save 1900, as outlined on their website, provides a range of services encompassing design consultation, project management, construction, and staging. Additionally, the company engages in the acquisition and sale of historic homes in Galveston, showcasing their completed projects in an extensive portfolio. Among the notable renovations are the 1890s Victorian, the 1914 Craftsman, the 1903 Queen Anne, and the 1920s Bungalow.

While the Cordrays have not disclosed specific revenue or profit figures, their business is presumed to generate a substantial income through services and property sales. According to Zillow, as of September 2023, the median home value in Galveston stands at $305,000, with an average sale price of $325,000.

Assuming the Cordrays consistently sell their renovated homes at or above the average price and complete approximately 10 projects annually, their potential annual revenue could exceed $3 million. This estimate, however, does not account for various costs associated with property acquisition, renovation, maintenance, taxes, and fees. Nonetheless, it provides a reasonable perspective on the scale and impact of their business.

Restoring Galveston: The Cordrays’ Reality TV Show

In addition to their endeavors in home renovation and restoration, Michael and Ashley Cordray take the spotlight as the main figures in their reality TV show, Restoring Galveston. Originally premiering in 2019 under the title Big Texas Fix, the show chronicles the Cordrays’ journey as they purchase, renovate, and sell historic homes in Galveston. Beyond showcasing their professional activities, Restoring Galveston provides glimpses into the Cordrays’ personal and family life, highlighting the balancing act of raising their three children—Elle, Emma, and Emory.

Airing on the Magnolia Network, a collaboration between Discovery and the renowned duo Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame, Restoring Galveston is part of a broader lifestyle and entertainment brand. Launched in July 2023, the Magnolia Network aspires to captivate audiences with narratives centered around home, family, food, design, and entrepreneurship. Viewers can access the network through Discovery+ and various cable and satellite providers.

While the Cordrays have not disclosed their earnings from the TV show, it is plausible that they receive a substantial compensation for their involvement. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the average salary for a reality TV star is $35,000 per episode, contingent on factors such as the show’s popularity, ratings, contract terms, and negotiation outcomes.

Assuming the Cordrays earn around the average salary and film approximately 10 episodes per season, their potential earnings could reach $350,000 per season. This estimate, however, does not factor in production and promotional costs, as well as taxes and fees. Nevertheless, it provides a reasonable approximation of the income generated through their TV show.

Michael and Ashley Cordray Net Worth: The Bottom Line

Based on available information, it can be estimated that Michael and Ashley Cordray boast a combined net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2023. This estimation is grounded in the following assumptions:

  1. They generate an annual revenue of around $3 million from their home renovation and restoration business, Save 1900.
  2. They earn approximately $350,000 per season from their reality TV show, Restoring Galveston.
  3. They have diversified income sources, including endorsements, sponsorships, and appearances, contributing to their overall earnings.
  4. They incur various expenses such as taxes, fees, mortgages, loans, insurance, and living costs, which deduct from their net worth.

These estimations serve as rough approximations, and the actual net worth of the Cordrays may deviate from this calculation. As the Cordrays have not publicly disclosed specific financial details, they may possess undisclosed assets or liabilities. Nevertheless, based on the available evidence, it is evident that the Cordrays are a prosperous and affluent couple, having achieved notable success in the home renovation and restoration industry.