Celebrity wives hold significant global fame, though some desire a personal existence. However, they struggle to escape media scrutiny entirely.

Marilisa Maronesse, a private woman, has married Chayanne for over three decades. Despite her attempts at privacy, the media has consistently focused on her. Let’s explore her background further.

Marilisa Maronesse gained public attention due to her association with the renowned American musician Chayanne. Her relationship with the singer brought her into the spotlight. Additionally, she fulfills the role of a dedicated mother to their children and acts as his greatest supporter.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the life of Marilisa Maronesse, uncovering 5 intriguing facts about the woman behind the superstar, Chayanne’s wife. Discover more about Marilisa Maronesse’s personal and professional journey.

Summary of Marilisa Maronesse’s Biograph

  • Name:  Elizabeth Maronesse Mariana de Figueroa
  • Nationality: Venezuelan 
  • Place of birth: Venezuela
  • Profession: Lawyer and model 
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Hair color: Blonde 
  • Marital status: Married 
  • Children: Isadora Sofia Figueroa and Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa
  • Spouse: Elmer Figueroa Arce (Chayanne)

5 Facts to Know About Marilisa Maronesse

Chayanne and Marilisa Maronesse form one of the most enduring couples in the international music scene. They have maintained a strong marital bond for over 30 years and share the joy of raising two children. Here are several exquisite details about Chayanne’s wife, Marilisa Maronesse. 

1. Maronesse Marilisa was born in Venezuela

She was originally named Elizabeth Maronesse Mariana de Figueroa. Her relationship with Elmer Figueroa Arce, professionally known as Chayanne, propelled her to fame. 

Unfortunately, there is limited documentation on her early life, leaving crucial details like her birthdate and her parents’ identity unknown. Nonetheless, Marilisa does have a sister named Anna Maronesse.

It’s worth mentioning that Marilisa Maronesse’s sister, Anna Maronesse, is the mother of Eleonora Pons Maronese, widely known as Lele Pons. Lele Pons has gained fame as a famous Instagram star and YouTuber.

2. In 1988, Maronesse Marilisa  met Chayanne.

Chayanne and Maronesse crossed paths in 1988. Baroness was a model and participated in the Miss Venezuela competition. Meanwhile, Chayanne, a singer, was among the artists invited to perform at the event. They felt an immediate connection and soon started dating.

Chayanne married Marilisa in 1992 through a private wedding ceremony. The couple exchanged vows surrounded by their close friends and relatives. They have remained together since that day, becoming one of the entertainment industry’s most enduring couples.

3. She Is a Former Model and Currently a Famous Lawyer

Baroness is not just a celebrity wife; she has also established herself as a successful career woman. She worked as a model and participated in the 1988 Miss Venezuela pageant, where she emerged as the Miss Venezuela Latina category winner

It’s important to note that Merilisa combines beauty and intelligence. Her beauty opened doors for her in pageant competitions, while her intelligence led her to pursue a law degree at the University of Venezuela. She completed her studies and became a lawyer. 

After her marriage, Marilisa left the modeling industry and focused on her legal career. She is widely believed to continue practicing law with a low-profile presence today.

4. She Is a Mother of Two Children

This model from Venezuela proudly raises two children, Sofia Isadora Figueroa and Valentino Lorenzo. After the birth of their first child, the couple publicly announced their marriage. Lorenzo, born on August 14th, 1997, was followed by their second child three years later on December 11th.

Marilisa Maronesse

Both children have become popular on social media, boasting verified Instagram accounts with many followers. Lorenzo’s Instagram page is (@lo_figueroa), and Isadora can be found on Instagram as (@isadorafigueroa).

5. Marilisa Maronesse Is a Private Woman

Marilisa Maronesse lives a private life devoid of social media and public attention. Unlike many celebrity spouses, she does not seek fan adoration or the media spotlight. Nonetheless, she has been spotted accompanying her husband at select events.

Marilisa Maronesse, the wife of American singer Chayanne, gained recognition as a former international model. She actively practices law while fulfilling her roles as a devoted wife, caring mother, and dynamic individual.