Lola Simone Rock is better known for being the first daughter of the famous American actor and comedian Chris Rock’s daughter. Like her father, she was born into the spotlight and has remained there ever since. 

Her father’s followers and the media have always been curious about her, which has only amplified now that she has grown into a young, beautiful girl.

In this article, delve into the life of Lola Simone Rock, the talented daughter of famed comedian Chris Rock. Discover her journey, achievements, and how she’s making a name for herself beyond her father’s legacy. 

Who is Lola Simone? 

Lola Simone Rock

Chris Rock welcomed his first kid, Lola Simone Rock, into the world on June 28, 2002. Lola and Zahra, her sister, grew up in Alpine, New Jersey. They were under the custody of their doting parents, Chris, an accomplished comedian, director, and actor, and Malaak Compton.

Rock often got into trouble in high school because of her antics with her classmates. Her father took a hard line and asked the principal to kick her out of school without telling her mom. This event served as a wake-up call and altered her plans. She participated in the local Bergen-Passaic Jack and Jill of America chapter throughout high school and completed it in June 2020.

Rock is currently a student at a Parisian culinary institute. The Daily Mail reports that her father has called his girls “rich and spoiled,” although he has now explained that this is done out of love.

Her father’s infidelity led to the divorce of her parents in 2016, which was quite sad. Although they were no longer together, both parents maintained a solid commitment to their daughters and worked together to raise them. In June 2020, Lola, Chris Rock’s ex-wife, joyfully shared a photo of their child Lola on Instagram.

Early Life

Lola was born in New York, United States of America. She is the first child of Chris and Malak Rock, his ex-wife and former partner in the entertainment industry. 

Her mother is a social crusader and the head of a non-profit called StyleWorks, which provides free haircuts to women who have recently left the poverty system. 

She also works as a media relations executive and as a businesswoman. Lola’s parents also gave birth to a younger sister on May 22, 2004; their name is Zahara Rock. In 1996, Lola Rock’s parents tied the knot. 

In Alpine, New Jersey, her parents brought up her sister and her. Her father filed for divorce in 2016, citing his wife’s infidelity. 

Despite their separation, the parents remained committed to raising their daughters together. Lola graduated from high school in the Garden State. She was a member of Jack and Jill of America, Passaic. 

Her mother posted an Instagram photo celebrating her daughter’s graduation in June 2022. Misbehavior with her “rich private-school classmates” had caused Lola a lot of trouble during her senior year of high school. 

Being a strict father, Chris Rock asked the school principal to expel his daughter without telling his ex-wife. 

The event acted as a catalyst, prompting a sea change in her outlook. Lola attended a university in Europe after finishing high school there. It has been said that she is currently enrolled in a culinary program in Paris. 

Lola Simone Rock’s parents

Lola Simone Rock

Lola’s parents started dating in 1994 and got married around 1996. The couple had what appeared to be a happy and prosperous family life together in the following years. They broke up in 2014 and released a joint statement explaining their decision to part ways.

It took another two years, but the divorce was finalized in 2016. Since the two have kept their relationship low-key, the reason for their split is a mystery. Years after the divorce, though, Chris disclosed his extramarital affairs.

The actor admitted to cheating on his wife throughout their marriage, saying he thought his celebrity status would allow him to get away with it. He also said he wasn’t a perfect husband but that he’s forgiven his wife and is now co-parenting his daughters, Lola and Zahra, with Malaak.

Since he and his ex-wife divorced, Chris has been very social. He began dating Megalyn Echikunwoke, an actress, in 2016, and they broke up two years later, in 2020. Malaak’s love life blossomed alongside her professional success; in March of this year, she gave fans an intimate glimpse into a romantic evening she enjoyed with her long-term partner.

Dating Life 

People have always been curious about Lola’s love life. Unfortunately, Chris Rock Sr.’s daughter has been cagey about discussing her past relationships. 

Unlike her famous parents and equestrian younger sister, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. 

How Wealthy is Lola Simone Rock?

Lola Simone Rock’s wealth remains a mystery as she has yet to launch a successful career.

Her parents are currently paying for all her expenses, including school and living expenses. Although Lola Rock is unemployed, that hasn’t stopped her opulent lifestyle.

Lola Simone Has Two Sisters: Zahra, Who Is Younger, and Ntombi, Who Was Adopted

Zahra Rock, Lola’s baby sister, entered the world on May 22. Zahra’s older sister uses social media less than she does to discuss her activism and world travel interests. The high school senior attends USC, but nobody knows what she plans to major in.

Ntombi is Lola’s adoptive sister. Her mother became Ntombi’s legal guardian after her parents divorced while adopting her from South Africa. The adoption of Lola’s sister is a mystery, as is her background.

Lola Simone Rock Quick Facts 

Lola Rock is the first child of Chris and Malak Rock, an American entrepreneur and activist. After roughly 20 years of marriage, her parents split up in 2016. 

Zahara Savannah Rock is Lola Simone Rock’s little sister. She just turned 18 and graduated from high school; she plans to become an equestrian. 

As of 2022, Lola Rock will have turned 20 years old. Her date of birth is June 28, 2002. 

Lola Simone Rock was a Jack & Jill of America member in New Jersey. In 2020, she completed her high school education. 

Lola Rock has been mum on the subject of her higher education. Her parents claim she opted instead to study abroad in Europe, where she is supposedly enrolled in a culinary arts program. 

Lola Simone Rock, for her part, was expelled from high school. Her father persuaded the principal to expel her so she would learn a lesson and modify her habits, and it succeeded. 

Lola Simone Rock is currently a student at a French university. 

Lola Simone Rock’s personal life is shrouded in mystery. 


Lola Simone Rock was born to comedian Chis Rock and Malak Compton-Rock, from whom he is now divorced. 

The fact that she is a celebrity’s child has made her a focal point of interest for many years, even if she does not enjoy the same level of renown as her parents. Despite this, she prefers to remain in the shadows for the time being, spending her time as a student in Paris, France, where she is flourishing academically.