Cem Habib, a Turkish investor and businessman, was previously married to reality TV personality Caroline Stanbury. Their marriage, spanning 17 years and resulting in three children, concluded with an announcement of their divorce in 2019. In the aftermath of their separation, curiosity has arisen among fans regarding Cem Habib’s current relationship status, speculating on whether he has found a new partner or is currently dating.

Cem Habib’s Relationship Status: Single or Taken?

As per available information, Cem Habib does not currently have a publicly known new wife or girlfriend. He has maintained a private life, keeping details of his romantic relationships away from the media’s attention.

Formerly married to Caroline Stanbury, a current member of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Cem Habib and Caroline tied the knot in 2004 after meeting in 2002. They share a daughter named Yasmine and twin sons named Zac and Aaron. In 2016, Cem’s job opportunity in Dubai prompted their move from London. Despite the distance, they spent Christmas together in 2019, just before Caroline announced their amicable divorce on Instagram.

After 17 years of shared experiences, the couple decided to redefine their relationship as friends and co-parents, emphasizing their commitment to their three beloved children. They chose to live near each other to facilitate a close bond between the children and both parents.

Why Did Cem Habib and Caroline Stanbury Get Divorced?

Caroline Stanbury provided further insight into her breakup with Cem Habib during an interview with The Daily Dish, highlighting the evolution of their interests and lifestyles. She candidly stated that, despite sounding cliché, they grew apart and no longer found enjoyment in the same activities, including holidays.

The reality TV star emphasized the fundamental differences in their preferences, where she leaned towards an outgoing and public lifestyle, while Cem Habib favored a quieter existence. Caroline Stanbury expressed the belief that they would both be happier with partners who shared their respective interests. Although making this choice was challenging, they believed it was in the best interest of their family’s well-being.

Caroline Stanbury Has Moved On

After publicly announcing her divorce from Cem Habib in 2019, Caroline Stanbury embraced a new chapter in her love life. Opting to focus on her career and fulfill her responsibilities as a single mother post their widely publicized split, she launched the popular podcast “Divorced, Not Dead.” Through this platform, she candidly discussed the challenges of navigating life as a middle-aged single mother.

In matters of the heart, Caroline found love anew with Sergio Carrallo, a former Spanish professional footballer renowned for his time at Real Madrid and now a well-established businessman and TV personality. Their relationship blossomed over the course of a year, leading to an engagement in July 2021. The couple currently resides together in Dubai, where they are actively planning their upcoming wedding.

Cem Habib’s Net Worth and Career

Cem Habib, a prosperous entrepreneur and investor, boasts a reported net worth of $25 million, as highlighted by Hollywood’s Magazine. He holds the roles of co-founder and partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited, a firm specializing in investments in emerging markets. Additionally, Cem serves as the chairman of Comtrade Group, a distinguished IT solutions provider in Southeast Europe.

Academically, Cem Habib holds a degree in economics from Harvard University and furthered his education with an MBA from INSEAD. His professional journey has traversed various sectors, encompassing banking, technology, and healthcare. Beyond his business pursuits, he reveals a passion for music, actively engaging as a DJ and sharing his creative beats on SoundCloud.


Cem Habib, a Turkish entrepreneur, was formerly wed to Caroline Stanbury, a reality TV personality. After a 17-year marriage and three children, the couple divorced in 2019. Cem Habib’s current relationship status, regarding a new wife or girlfriend, remains undisclosed. Meanwhile, Caroline Stanbury has found love with Sergio Carrallo, a former footballer turned businessman. Cem Habib, residing in Dubai, is not only a prosperous investor but also a devoted music enthusiast.